Belts Tensioners

Reagan Industries offers a comprehensive coverage Continental OE Quality Mileage Maker Belts,Continental’s special designed Continental Elite Belts as well as the tensioners and pulleys to ensure peak performance

Counteract Overview

The benefits of balancing the steer tires are well recognized within the industry. Balanced tires reduce rolling resistance by decreasing tire sidewall flexing, tread squirming and friction and help prevent cupping. Studies show tire operating temperatures of balanced tire to run 8-25% cooler (dependent upon type of balancing system) than un-balanced tire.

So why not also balance the drive and trailer tires? For rear and dual tires, the whole wheel assembly needs to balanced together and centered perfectly. The same vibration that the driver feels on the Steer tires also applies to the drive and trailer and is multiplied by the tolerance imperfections of the duel wheel assembly. Unchecked, it is one of the main reasons for wheel fasteners, U-bolts, and torque rod bolts to work themselves loose. The best means to avoid this and improve tire wear and fuel economy through decreased roll resistance is with a dynamic balancing system, such as Counteract.

Shocks Overview

Gabriel is the preferred OEM shock supplier to the North American trucking industry. You can count on Gabriel to provide the quality and ride control you need to achieve improved tire wear and lower maintenance costs.

Gas SLX Series – The most recent state of the art development in shock absorbers. Features include: 3 way adjustability, extreme high temperature fluid and seals designed to outlast normal shocks by up to 4 times under high temperature highway operating conditions. Gas cushioned in separate cells (not gas charged). This unique feature eliminates fade for the life of the shock and eliminates the inherent durability weaknesses of gas charged shocks.

83000-87000 Fleetline Series – Gabriel OE designed hydraulic shock. Get all the performance, durability and full application coverage with Gabriel Fleetline Shocks. These shocks are designed to meet stringent OEM specification. The different series represents various tensile demands and body sizes to accommodate increased fluid capacity and increased heat dissipation requirements.

G6000 Series –1 3/8” bore, gas charged, for light and medium sized truck and van applications. This series interchanges with the Monroe 34000, 36000 and 37000 series. Gabriel’s 9-stage valving provides a velocity sensitive smoother transition to rough road or terrain applications than Monroe’s grooved cylinder 2 stage “sensitrac” design.