Continental Elite Belts

Advanced Technology For Improved Performance


Quiet Channel Technology: Advanced materials virtually eliminate the usual noise caused by serpentine belt misalignment.

Greater Wear Resistance: High strength materials maintain tension integrity during belt service life, by reducing stretch.

Exceptional Belt Life: Advanced materials create a more flexible and cooler running belt, greatly extending the belt life.

SAE Specifications: SAE J1459

Standard Style

Continental Elite with/Quiet Channel Technology:

Advanced variable cog pattern practically eliminates noise and slippage.

Continental Elite to Mileage Maker Cross Ref


Both the Continental Elite and Mileage Maker part numbers are derived by the number of ribs and belt length. Continental simply changed the order in which the information is given.

For example a Continental Elite 4081065 is a Mileage Maker 1065K8MK

  • The Continental Elite first digit identifies the type of belt it is the number 4 represents a K section Poly- V Belt
  • 08 represents number of ribs
  • 1065 represents length. The 106 is inches and the last digit “5” is number of tenths of an inch. In this case it is 106 5/10″
  • MK” simply indicates Mileage Maker


In most cases, the Mileage Maker number will either use the same number, or the closest number ending in either a “0” or “5”, followed by “MK” for Mileage Maker. For example- Continental Elite 17511 crosses to a Mileage Maker 17510MK.

Mileage Maker Belts


Poly-V Belt  EPDM Cushion Rib Compound: (EPDM) belts far outlast and outperform their predecessors, rarely showing cracks and, even at very high mileage.

V-Belt Wingprene® Cushion & Cog Compound: impregnated with Wingprene® oil resistant rubber to reduce surface fatigue, resists cracking.

Polyester Fiber with High strength Vytacord®: maintain tension integrity during belt service life, by reducing stretch while still maintaining flexibility.

Straight – Ribbed Design

Abrasion, Oil and Chemical resistant

Packaging: Includes competitive cross references for easy identification and replacement.

Belts Tensioners

Reagan Industries offers a comprehensive coverage Continental OE Quality Mileage Maker Belts,Continental’s special designed Continental Elite Belts as well as the tensioners and pulleys to ensure peak performance