Wiper Blades

Unlike other brands that are moving overseas, Goodyear Wiper Blades are 100% made in the USA with all steel construction, and superior Goodyear rubber formulated especially for wiper blades. This gives these blades longer streak free use. So if you are tired of replacing your blades after just a few month do to streaking or sticking to the windshield because of low quality Chinese rubber, save time, money and eye strain with Premium Goodyear Blades!

728 Premium Blade

Most common design for past ten years. Uses Heavy Duty steel frame with reinforced joints and multi-coat paint protection along with SilentArmor Rubber Technology

770 Hybrid Blade

Newest and most advanced design. The Hybrid blades combines the beam blade steel flexor for superior pressure points, rugged durability of the standard frame, covered by a resin wind spoiler frame designed to create Uniform Windshield Contact. With no exposed frame to collect snow and ice, it is an excellent ALL-Season blade.

758 Winter Blade

Same great 728 blade but with an added rubber boot to cover the frame to avoid snow and ice build up. For no real cost difference we recommend the 765 blade for All-Season superior performance

711 & 713 Single Bolt Connection

Older Style blades many time used on Trucks with Duel Windshields as well as popular in the Marine market. Flat Style come in 11”-22” lengths 713 Curved Style come 13”, 15”, 16”, 18”, and 22” lengths

717 & 718 Series (single bolt with spacers)

Primarily used on Coaches, RV, and Bus applications. Length range from 21”-41”